Our team

We're the people who actually make an impact in changing the lives of others. As members of Warsaw International Triathlon Club we have a unique opportunity to be inspired by others and later pass that spirit and inspire on our own.

Thanks to the unique construct of the community consisting of expats and foreigners living in Warsaw as well as open-mined Polish citizens we are constantly surrounded by people from different cultures representing over 25 countries!

What brings us together is sport and belief that healthy and active life can really make a difference and add more joy and satisfaction to our lives.

Our members train together and socialize, learn from each other and pass their knowledge to the ones who are just starting their adventure with sport but soon will be passing the knowledge as well. That is why we  would like to extend our TrainItForward philosophy to other people, inspire and change their lives as well.

"Our social aim is to make Warsaw a healthier and more active place – one community at a time."

<span>Ken </span> Globerman

Ken Globerman

CEO & President
<span>Agnieszka </span> Fedejko

Agnieszka Fedejko

Charitibale Initiatives
<span>Marta </span>Raducha

Marta Raducha

Marketing & Communication
<span> Alan </span> Parsons

Alan Parsons

Retail & Events Partnerships
<span> Andy </span> Mossop

Andy Mossop

Running Programs
<span> Igors </span> Berkovics

Igors Berkovics

Commercial Training Programs