CHARITY INITIATIVE WSTAJE! Stowarzyszenie Otwarte Drzwi

While many of us think of Wialnów district as a privileged area, it still has children from less privileged homes, in need of structure, role models and adult supervision. We are impacting the lives of these kids by exposing them to different team sports, international culture and English language.

StartLine launched Wstaje! Initiative in April with “Stowarzyszenie Otwarte Drzwi”, an NGO supporting communities in different parts of Warsaw. Our engagement is organized with a program for pre-teens in Wilanow and mostly concentrates on fun and engaging sports activities run in English, including introducing basics of baseball and other international sports as well as workshops concentarting on getting to know other cultures.

Main objective

    • Build self-confidence
    • Fitness
    • Cultural awareness
    • Collaboration skills
    • English skills


      • Introduction to Baseball
      • Meet the Foreigner Series
      • Cooking classes with a foreigner
      • Speak up!
      • Team-Building