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“America’s Pastime” Takes Shape in Warsaw

On a sunny, July Saturday morning, approximately 35 kids joined StartLine’s adult mentors and trainers at a soccer field in the Mokotow district of Warsaw. But on this day, there were no soccer balls to dribble, pass or shoot. Instead, kids traded them in for smaller spherical objects and were treated to an introductory clinic in a sporting activity often described as “America’s Pastime” – baseball.
The day couldn’t have started any better. Before diving into teaching baseball, we launched the event with relay races to get the kids’ blood pumping, then quickly followed it with another unique experience: Zumba! Charlotte Kristensen, Danish native and former zumba instructor, blended this Brazilian-originated dance/fitness activity with Indian-inspired music, to create a truly international experience! To see the kids moving to the rhythm of the foreign music and following Charlotte’s and dance assistant Zosia Michalska’s zumba steps, was a sight not …

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